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We act for you.


Our service

We act for you. We do not see this as an advertising slogan, we really do it. We perform as an intermediary for you in a commercial chain transaction when you are trading in goods. We enable you to obtain additional goods quickly and economically without extending your current credit lines.

We purchase for you on our account. With us you gain a partner who creates additional liquidity for you when purchasing goods.

Our idea is: we optimize your purchasing, working capital and balance sheet.

ASSETSBALANCE SHEET Working Capital-Potential
Fixed Assets
(Real Estate, Plant, Vehicles etc.)
Optimization Possibilities through LEASING
Current Assets
(Accounts Receivable)
Optimization Possibilities through FACTORING
Raw Materials, Inventory Optimization Possibilites through HANDELSKONTOR

Your benefits

  • You receive a new favorable term of payment of up to 4 months that is the equivalent of receiving a new credit from the supplier.
  • You improve your liquidity position.
  • You preserve your bank lines; our trading limit is not entered in your bank’s data.
  • You do not have to provide any security.
  • You are now able to purchase larger volumes than previously.
  • You are now able to undertake new purchasing activities.
  • You have additional flexibility in your purchasing negotiations and you improve your total negotiating position with suppliers.
  • You can take advantage of quantity and special discounts.

How it works

As at present, you select the products and goods you need, following this we take care of the purchasing. We pay immediately, taking advantage of cash discounts, and redirect the goods to you without delay, on agreement of a due date for payment:

D.I.E Handelskontor AG optimizes your cashflow

How it works in practice

1-2 weeks

D.I.E Handelskontor AG
Pays the supplier deducting
the cash discount >

30 days

Customer pays
D.I.E Handelskontor AG
net amount

alternative >

60/90/120 days

Customer pays
D.I.E Handelskontor AG
on the agreed due date for payment

1. Order as usual.

2. Negotiate discounts.

3. Delivery as usual.

4. Check the incoming goods and confirm.

5. We pay immediately deducting cash discount.

6. We charge the goods to your account.

7. Pay the bill and the limit is ree for use.

  • You inform your supplier that the order will be placed by us and will be delivered directly from the supplier to your premises.
  • You negotiate the delivery of the goods independently with your supplier and agree yourself the terms of payment. With the security of an immediate payment by us, you can negotiate discounts or, due to your newly gained liquidity, order larger quantities at better prices.
  • As purchaser, the invoice is made out to us but with the instruction to deliver the goods to your address.
  • You check the incoming goods and confirm the goods are free of defects.
  • We pay immediately, deducting the agreed cash discount. For a standard cash discount of 3% there are no additional costs for you. Should you have negotiated a cash discount lower than 3%, you will be charged the difference. If the cash discount is greater than 3%, the additional percentage will be credited to your account.
  • Then, on confirmation of a payment date of 30 days, we charge the goods to your account at the original price. Should you wish to have a longer payment term then we calculate per month a set fee which is usual in the market.
  • After receipt of your payment, the agreed limit for which we have purchased for you, is once again free for use. You act independently within the agreed limits. In this way you can supplement your bank credit and through us gain additional liquidity when purchasing.

Your limit application

We conclude together an agreement to determine your limit based on the details in the form provided.
Please complete the form and return it to us by post or fax.

We, together with a trade credit insurer, prepare your new limit. To do this, we require your support by sending us the following documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation for an incorporated company and a certificate of registration for unlimited companies.
  • Latest balance sheet or proof of net income
  • Current Business Assessment

These documents can be sent to us either by post or as pdf file to the contact address on our homepage. We assure you that this information will be treated strictly confidentially.

At the latest after granting your limits, we will contact you personally to discuss further details such as your order patterns and delivery specifications.

Limit application

Supplier as partner

You recommend us as your purchaser. By using us as a sales instrument, you optimize the relationship between you and your customers. You still work in an agreeable and smooth manner with your customers. We facilitate the communication between you and your customers. You can concentrate on negotiating the content of the service you offer to your customers, we take care of the payment.


With us you open up new sales potential because...

  • You concentrate on winning new customers
  • You offer longer payment terms and still receive your money immediately.
  • The payments received from customers are immediately available.
  • The risk of bad debts is minimized.
  • You avoid payment reminders and litigation with your customers.
  • You no longer have to carry out a credit check on your customers.
  • You dispense with security for customers‘ receivables.

With us you optimize and improve:

  • Your working capital
  • Your balance sheet structure – your rating at banks
  • Your liquidity position – you release your credit lines
  • Your waiting time for receivables – you relieve your accounting and dunning processes.

Utilize us an instrument for your sales. Show the market your innovative strength by using new ways of promoting sales and through your partnership with us. We are specialists in sales financing. We are close to medium-sized companies and speak your customers’ language.

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